Homework: Reading every day for 30 minutes is standard homework in Mrs. Scott's class. In most cases, books are independently selected.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Writer's Notebook at 5 weeks

WN English 9                                         9/28
Write about what causes people in groups to become enemies.  (What causes people to hate each other?)
List at 5 weeks:
9/6 Poem
9/7 List of 50 things you love
9/13 What if you were president?
9/14 Revenge story scenario
9/15 Advice to your crazy friend who has love at first sight
9/19 Initial thoughts on R&J
9/21 Feelings got out of hand
9/23 Blame for the deaths in R&J
9/27 Most interesting character in R&J
9/28 Enemies

WN English 8                                                 9/28
Copy the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost into your WN.  Now tell what you think it means.

List of WN topics for English 8 @ 5 weeks
9/6 50 Things you love
9/13 If I was president…*
9/14 A time you felt like an outsider
9/19 Someone you’d like to trade places with in modern media
9/21 A time you did something you shouldn’t have and regretted it later
9/26 Your kitchen, etc
9/28 “Nothing Gold Can Stay” poem and response, interpretation
*Not required to be 12 lines

English 7                         Writer’s Notebook topics @ 5 weeks
9/6 What has surprised you on this first day of school
9/7 50 things you love
9/13 What if you were president?*
9/15 What should be done to the worst bully?
9/19 Whose life would you like to live? (modern media)
9/21 Being uncomfortable
9/26 An outside memory
9/28 Who are you?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Supplemental reading for Touching Spirit Bear   English 7

Go to the following link to read more about Circle or Restorative Justice:

You also have a printed article you can read about circle justice.
Here is a link where you can read more about spirit bears:

Answer the following questions on a sheet of paper.  Turn it into the sub by the end of the period. The answers to these questions require you to read and add your own thoughts to what you learn from reading.

1.  How is the system of justice you read about better than traditional justice?  Why do you think the Restorative system isn't used in more areas?

2.  How is the way Cole reacted to the spirit bear different from the way others react to them?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Link for Technology Survey


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

All Writer's Notebook are due Thursday!  See charts below:

English 8 WN Checklist

Childhood activities

Science fair

Write from one character’s perspective as they leave the annex (Anne Frank)(per8) (3/10 – per 3)

Compensation for grades

Choice from spring writing topic list. See The 52 Lists Project on Amazon.

Choice of topics from list on k-12thoughtfullearning.com

Field trip to Brushton or Albany

Choice: How the world works or holidays

Current knowledge on research topic – WWII

Why does Misha return nightly to the ghetto?


WN Chart for 30 weeks – English 7

Check if done
Best meal of the day and why

Science fair

Changes that make you an adult

Choice from list on k-12thoughtfullearning.com

Music field trip to Brushton or Albany

Mini Olympics

List holidays, describe your favorites and tell why.

Why did Sam Westing do what he did?


Creative writing choices from k-12thoughtfullearning.com

How would you persuade a friend from not participating in a fight?



Topics for English 9
Check if done
If you could change yourself, what would you change, sacrifice?

Science fair

Was it good for Charlie to know about his “friends?”

3/15 or 3/14
What makes you angry?

Spring list, seasonal writing topics from The 52 Lists Project.  See Amazon.com.

Lincoln quote

Class questions and answers

Your choice of prompts from k-12thoughtfullearning.com site

How the world works


Creative list from k-12thoughtfullearning.com

Is Charlie better off for the experiment in the long run?

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Below are the warmups for the week: 

English 7            Writer’s Notebook                       28 March 2016

Write for 5 minutes listing holidays of the year, and then describe your favorites and tell why.

Jan – New Year’s
Feb – Valentine’s Day
March – St. Patrick’s (?)
April – Easter
May – Memorial Day + my birthday
June – Last day of school!
July – 4th of July
August –
September – Labor Day
October – Halloween
November – Veterans’ Day + Thanksgiving
December – Christmas +Hanukkah

3/29/16                      Language Sentence            English 7
Please fix this sentence:
That poem contained several examples of figurative language metaphor simile personification and symbol
Items in a series

3/30 Writers’ Notebook:  Write about collections.

Language Sentence            3/31/16             English 7
Fix this sentence:
The telling of the westing game is undertaken by a omniscient third person point of view the reader is able to see into all of the characters minds
Plural possessive

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

8th grade research information

Here is a sample 8th grade research paper.


Today, you are responsible for the following activities:

Writer's notebook:

a. Spend 3 minutes writing what you know about your topic.

b. Next spend 3 minutes writing about what you want to know to make your paper interesting.

Use the topics in  parts a and b above to create an electronic gathering grid.  You can copy and past the grid below into a word document.

Main topic:
Source #1:
Source #2:
Source #3:
Source #4
Source #5
Source #6
Subtopic #1:

Subtopic #2:

Subtopic #3:

Subtopic #4:

Save this grid to your h drive in a folder labeled English 8.

Print one article to be used in class next week as we discuss notetaking and avoiding plagiarism.  Use the guidelines in the site below to help choose your article.

Here is a website that will help you evaluate your sources for reliability.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Use the New York Times for your Research!

9th graders - here is the link to the login page for the NY Times: www.eedition.nytimes.com

Get username and password from Mrs. Scott.  Try use at least 2 substantial articles from the Times or another respected newspaper or news magazine for your research.  Good luck!